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Tuesday April 21, 2015 at 7:30 pm
in the Valhalla Room of the Scandinavian Centre,
739 – 20th Ave N.W. Calgary.
Topic:  “Electricity, Happiness and some Ethical considerations”
Speaker: Laszlo Jamniczky
Retired Electrical Engineer, longtime Apeiron member

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The Talk:

Most of us believe that the use of energy in some form or another, electricity in particular, adds to our sense of physical happiness. Electricity lights our homes, contributes to our comfort, powers our electronic and household appliances, and further, it enables industry that delivers many consumer products. All this “happiness” does not come for free, however. We will explore some topics associated with the production of electricity and we will delve into a few specifics around “green” electricity. We will discuss the concept of green electricity and some of the challenges associated with “going green”. We will also look at what is happening in Alberta with respect to the production and greening of electricity, ask some questions and discuss some answers as to why it is not greener than it is today. We will briefly look at a European jurisdiction where much effort has been made in the direction of “greening” energy and specifically electricity, and what the outcomes have been. Along the way we will ask some questions around the ethical impacts of energy production and consumption.

Biographical Notes:

Laszlo is a retired electrical engineer whose career has included work in the domain of study, development, operation and control of electrical power systems. He has been a member of Apeiron since the 1990’s and has served on the board and as secretary and treasurer of the Society over the years. He continues to be interested in matters of electricity production and energy use and the ethical implications of these subjects.